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Ok, I've been getting lots of questions about qualifying, so here are the basics...

You can qualify at ANY USA Powerlifting event in 2010 or 2011 event. The only catch is, you must have entered, lifted Raw in the compeition and of coure made a total.

Do I need a certain total?

You must only make a USAPL Raw Total, the weight you achieve does not matter.

Does my Raw Nationals total count from 2010? YES!

Does my NAPF Arnold Raw Total count from 2010 or 2011? YES!

Does a total from a non sanctioned or other sanction count? Sorry, No

What if the quaiflying event is AFTER the entry deadline!?!

All applications must be postmarked by the entry deadline to avoid the late penalty. I am asking this is done no matter when your qualifying event is scheduled. When qualifying after postmark, please note on your entry that you plan to qualify at X event, on your application. Once you have the qualifying event total, you need to e-mail the result from the event, so it can be confirmed. The only thing I ask, is this is done by no later then August the 10th. (

Where can I find a qualifying event?

First I'd look at the
Second I'd look at your state web site
Powerlifting USA is a good reference also.

Entry Form (DOC)
Entry Form (PDF)

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